047 1 1964 tube irrig095 takeout at dam


“The Shadow of the Squaw” confused the Black Canyon Canal (BCC) with the take out for the Noble and Farmers Canals.  The take out for Noble Ditch is just upstream from Letha,  The take out for Farmers is just upstream from Emmett. The take out for BCC is at the south side of the dam itself, and goes through the hill in a tunnel passing the railroad as it goes around that hill past the dam.  This was necessary to get the elevation needed to go over the wall of sand making up the south side of Emmett valley, and much higher than the river bed.  Even at this height the canal needed lifts (pump turbines) pushing/lifting the canal water up to a higher level to get over the sand hills and provide  the elevation that would let the water flow clear around the BLM land to Notus and Pama.  Even with these lifts and beginning elevation, there is still a large area without water it being too high.




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