Claire Goldsmith

1945 photo of Claire Goldsmith as I knew her in high school.  My best teacher! Claire Goldsmith was a character!  She did preserve her teacher posture, of course.  But outside of school she was “old shoes.”  The type of people others love to be around – loved teamwork, and “doing” things.  She always had student busy doing something for her, an organizational genius! Claire’s daughter described to me many funny anecdotes about her mom.  Seems she had an old beater ford with a big hole in the roof right over the drivers seat.  When it rained then Claire held an open umbrella over the hole with its handle put thru the hole so she could hold it while driving with the other! What a picture! Claire Goldsmith was a truly remarkable lady! She taught freshman English lit, like we had never been taught before. Even now, 66 years later, I can remember the lit she had us study: Silas Marner, The Ancient Mariner, and Treasure Island.  She made it come alive for us.  I can remember her standing in front of the class describing Long John Silver, the chief pirate.  She said he had a face like a ham – I looked at her, and vividly I pictured her as Long John!  All she needed was a peg leg and an eye patch!  Ever afterward, I would think of that when looking at her!  I could imagine her exactly like she described Long John!  She even had silver in her dark hair – just as she described Long John.  It did not take much imagination to put an eye patch on her!  I suppose that is not flattering.  However, she described Long John as this huge ego of a man, powerful, charismatic, holding all the brigands in the palm of his hand – bigger than life! She also was bigger than life to me. She was a great hero in my life!   019 claire goldsmith 20s

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