Noble Ditch

Bridge East up Canal

Bridge East up Canal


Paul Chandler ranch on Butte Road ~ 1984.

This is a photo looking upstream Noble Ditch at bullrushes, cattails, and grass that grow out from the bank as they collect more and more sediment.  Eventually the weight is too much for the attachment and they will slide out into the canal.  You can see a number of these up the canal.  The entire length of the canal is lined with these things.


See how muddy the water is? The Noble ditch is the muddiest of the Payette Valley canals because the upper canals water, after being used, and picking up sediments across the fields, all drain into it, carrying more and more silt as it crosses more and more fields.

The amount that these tullies grow to and the amount that they can impede the flow of water is quite impressive.  I have seen some that took up half the width of the canal, when they sluff off.  This scene is actually not bad at all for these growths.  Sometimes they impede so much that the canal company cannot wait for the end of the season, but muck them out immediately.

Similarly, the amount deposited on the bank of the canal, when they are cleaned out, is impressive.  This has to be a yearly chore by the ditch company to clean these out.  And, an equally big job for farmers to dispose of the mess in order to again use their canal bank for access.

This area was a favorite swimming spot in my youth.  We were well used to the water being muddy.

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