Weiser Fiddle Fest



Today in Weiser, annually, are held the Fiddle Fest contests (usually toward end of June).  It has been going since the 60s. It draws international interest yearly — quite a large gathering.  My Aunt Fanny Chandler (who lived in Weiser Annex all her married life — died in 1994) started this along with Roy Capps (a New Plymouth resident for some years).

Later Roy moved during the winters to AZ and CA trying to break into movies. Gladys told me they were in one with Roy Rogers. Gladys said the appearance was fleeting, and you had to know where they were in order to see them.

New Plymouth was his base — where a brother and family also lived.  The kids went to New Plymouth High School.

Back in 20s, 30s, and 40s,  Fanny and Roy had a band of locals that played at dances weekly all over Treasure Valley.

Fanny was one of those civic gadflys that had her hand in anything and everything — a veritable Energizer Bunny.


The Capps were friends with my dad as well, who toyed with a sax back in 20s.  Also, an uncle played sometimes in Fanny’s band, until WWII when he was sent to Alaska.


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