Bower Hotel


These Photos Courtesy of the Carpenter Family ~1905 New Plymouth

Note the brick bldg — made from local bricks.  None of these bldgs survived.

NP postcard 1910065 Bower hotelMain Street postcard 1910


This photo is the Bowers Hotel 1898.
Note outhouses behind.


1946 Conger Cafe in the old Creasey bldg — used to be Emma Hatfield’s domain (Emma’s folks were Creaseys).  This was get together capital for high school at lunch. Burgers, shakes, and Cherry Colas!

Early roads year identified with car.  Local roads were really pretty bad. Worse were tires.  My uncle bought a new Model T Ford in 1927 (long after these cars) and an additional 4 new tires. That was in Logan, Utah.  He drove it to Weiser and all 8 tires were shot! At that time tires were little more than balloons — had small resemblance to a tread — that would come later.



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