New Plymouth Sites

New Plymouth Sites


New Plymouth was served with a spur off the Union Pacific RR (Short line) and we had both a depot where we often had things shipped in from around the country, and various docks to load produce machinery from, as well as a number of packing houses.  These packing houses survived until one by one they burned down in late 40s/early 50s.  We had the local mill located on the RR where we sold grain and/or got it milled.  One of the packing houses was knocked down in 1941 to build a potato dehydrator to produce dried potatoes for the army.  (These same people began Birdseye foods and started the frozen food market in Ontario shortly after WWII –now called Ore-ida, and consistently one of the biggest in the country.  I understand now that they out produce any other plant in the country in producing potato fries for the biggies.)

Clockwise Starting Lower Left:

Senior  Housing — used to be our rodeo and fair grounds, then turned into our ballpark

WWII Dehydrator was here — and conveniently burned after WW

Grain Mill — where we stored grain and got it milled — after dehydrator

Site of storage of apple props and Tonyville

Our  biggest packinghouse — was there thru the 4os — but pretty much empty — friend and I used to go there to put pennies on RR track and watch the train flatten and elongate them.  Across the street west was another huge packing house same time period.  One of them burned. Do not know which or what happened to the other.  I remember the time frame because a buddy and I would ride our bikes past here on the way to Birding Island

Train Depot – “Pufferbelly” or “Punkin Vine”

Stunz Lumber

Town Library, Fire/Police/City Office

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