Steven’s Building

Steven's Building 1905

Steven’s Building 1905

Steven's Building

Steven’s Building


Stevens Building signed as Stevens and Post Office.  This was a handsome building built of local bricks as many were.  However, perhaps this corner was cursed. This building burned.  Then a grocery store occupied it, and it burned, then still another grocery store after that.

Another photo of the Stevens Bldg with a restaurant in it.

Steven's Building Post Office

Steven’s Building Restaurant





One of these iterations was while I was in grade school.  I remember the “hole” where the store had been being vacant for several years.

Looking South on Main

Looking South on Main


This photo is looking south on main from White Hardware area.  It shows the Stevens Bldg on corner of Elm, the Pioneer Bldg across the plaza, and the Pacific Bldg mid block same side of street as White Hardware.  Also seen is Creasey Bldg across from the Stevens Bldg — most of the other bldgs burned at one time or another.

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