Assessor maps

A 1950s era assessors aerial map showing my dad’s farm (2-27-3) with net farm area in dashed line.  Our house (non-net farmable) is outside the dotted line next to the 2-27.3.  I think the 27.3 is the net acreage out of the legal size of 32. So 4.7 acres are lost to road, canal, and fence row.

Note that most property lines are the center line of adjacent roads, canals, fence rows — which can significantly reduce actual farmable acreage.

Note the curving pathway thru the center from lower right to upper left — that is the Noble Canal.  It produces a highly identifiable pattern when looking at any map.

Aerial View of Chandler Farm 1950s

Aerial View of Chandler Farm 1950s

The bottom center shows a triangle of dots — those are trees in Parkview Cemetery — which abuts Dad’s farm on south east.

The label T631 was part of dad’s farm (the 20 acres across the canal–net 16.47 acres). T designator might stand for tax bill.

T 632 was the Swartzwood farm next door that we also farmed 1945-1965.


Note that the assessor’s map connects taxable entities with a double ended arrow showing two parcels are same owner. So T631 includes both my dad’s owned parcels.

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