Sunnyside School

Sunnyside School 1917

Sunnyside School 1917


Teacher: Daphene McKioner

Back Row (Left to Right): Lorene Daharah, Norma Shultz, Ruth Sales, Alma Nitzel, Minnie Carpenter, Morris Browning, Liela Flock, Flora Kreps, Grover Lee, Nelson McCray, Chester Collinsworth, Marcida Sales, Leslie Wilson, James Church, Joel Dolby, Earnest Smith

Front Row (Left to Right): Elizabeth Church, Rose Papp, Lena Nitzel, Vera Browning, Frank Dolby,  James Ziegler, Kermit Wilson

Harold Collinsworth: “This was a picture that Flora Krep’s son gave me a number of years ago after Flora passed away. This was the Sunnyside School house at the corner of Curtis and Co-op Road presently owned by the Schmid family. This picture was probably taken around 1917 judging by those in the picture. The school building was turned into a shop and storage unit, but the original shape of the building, including the bell tower remained. This building just burned this past spring (1994), so there goes another landmark.” (Photo courtesy Harold Collinsworth)

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